Hiding when it’s too late

Hating Autism and the public blog on me have both been hidden from public view but not deleted. This isn’t the first time this has happened, but it has now been offline for the longest it has ever been. Despite Marc Rosen’s opinion to the contrary (as expressed on the Phil’s World forum), I firmly believe that this action has been taken to try and short circuit my legal action against him. The well established liar who calls himself The Informer has returned to action and claimed that Best did it purely because of his presidential campaign. I don’t buy that because the issue that Best has with the handling of Autism is a key plank of his effort to be elected President. I won’t go on about that yet again.

The reality is that I already have enough evidence printed up to bury Best and have him found guilty of defamation. I printed up every entry of the public blog on me, as well as the December 2010 entry on Hating Autism. I already had the other entries from Hating Autism on my hard drive and they are ready to be printed as well.

I am hoping that the blogs will be back before the court action reaches the critical stage. I’m hoping that’s one step after the next hearing (the date of which I am keeping under my hat on here), and I will be surprised if Best’s determination to smear me and tarnish the Autistic Spectrum with lies will keep the blogs offline for that long. Unless he uses his Presidential blog for it (which is possible). I will add that blog to my feed and we’ll see what happens.

On a side note, I mashed up his poll that is linked on that blog. It’s easy to do. Just vote and then clear your cookies. He had 24 votes and I bulked up the other two (generic Republican and Democrat candidates) to go way past him.


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