Facebook Idiotics

It certainly looks like the Sandy Hook shootings have put Best back onto full boil. After initially blasting his own blogs with useless rhetorical ranting, and then attacking me of course with more defamatory nonsense that he will pay for – he turned his attention to Facebook.

On December 21 Australian time, Best started a page called “Cure Asperger’s, Save Children from Psycho Killers”. By the time I found out about it the page was given a workout by objectors and many of them (myself included) reported the page. In spite of getting an email rejecting my report, the page was taken down thankfully.

But on the morning of December 22, the page was re-created. Best then changed the name of it after banning me from commenting to “Cure Asperger’s, Prevent Fraud by Ari Ne’eman”. He also made the following comment;

Facebook violates the first amendment when they stifle freedom of speech by allowing liars to gang up on people who expose their deceptions. Facebook should question bogus complaints from liars before they violate the first amendment.

Best is the liar and all the complaints were far from bogus. With this in mind, I emailed Facebook at an email address that was pasted on the wall at my local police station some time back in response to a number of people coming to them about threats and bullying on Facebook. In this email I reported Best (grabbing his home page from my alternate Facebook account exclusively for wrestling) and IDed him as the person behind this “Cure Asperger’s” page. I told them that Best was engaging in hate speech against the Autistic Spectrum and the re-creation of a previously banned page should lead to not just the page being deleted but also his account for ignoring the Terms of Service.

Meanwhile, a page called “Ban Cure Asperger’s, Save Children from Psycho Killers” had been created and I was quick to like it and participate.

Best is clearly heading for an asylum now. His behaviour is getting out of hand. His deluded belief in a cure is pushing him towards the emotional cliff. He’s not going to get his way, especially when (hopefully) a court decision specifically states that he is wrong – not just about me but about the Spectrum itself. Such a precedent will be impossible for him to counter without appealing against it, and without a counter a permanent record of his lying will follow him to his grave in the most appropriate place – the Halls of Justice. Registered in the United States as well.


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