The very first public rant

After the January 24 decision in the Supreme Court of Victoria, I figured I should refer back to my first public rant about Best off of his Hating Autism blog. Not the December 23, 2006 commentary on my old Telstra Big Blog that I reprinted on the front page of Best’s Autistic Enemy section, but rather a rant I put on the old Forumer forum on December 14 – 11 days earlier. I posted this just before I moved to Wiki-Site shifting from Version 6 to Version 7 of Phil’s World. Here is what I said;

I’m willing to bet the title of this news update will attract my wrestling enemies – but be disappointed you lot! This one’s got nothing to do with wrestling!

This is about an oxygen thief by the name of John Best Junior. He’s a father of a full blown Autistic boy – I believe his name is Sam. He lives in New Hampshire in the US, and has a blog called “Hating Autism”. In it he makes the appalling claim that Autism is caused by mercury poisoning. I came across it thanks to someone on the Aspies for Freedom forum.

In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have bothered – but this guy needs shutting up! He is actually convinced he is curing his son of Autism by treating him for mercury poisoning! It’s been an established fact that Autism – and the other ASD’s including Aspergers – are genetic in origin! Now if he was to claim that mercury poisoning made Autism worse, then he just might have something. But no – he’s claiming a cure.

Anyway, to cut a long story short – after being bullied into linking my website as an identification, my full name was published on the blog. And guess who it attracted! Yep – AYLING! Or someone acting on his behalf. Either way he breached his intervention order and the local cop shop got a visit quick smart!

That pushed the on button to an emergency alert, because that wouldn’t have happened if my name hadn’t been put there. I told Best – with some attempted back up from Andy (thanks for trying mate!) – to remove my name, and he refused. Sitting alongside me at my computer table right now are a couple of forms I downloaded from the website of the County Court of Victoria, and I’m going to the registry today. Hopefully I’ve done this right – with a little help again from Andy on Tuesday. I’m two for four in court actions now (2 wins with Gladman and Ayling with the two losses with Australia Post and the Defence Department – I seem to have better luck with individuals than with companies) and this will make it three from five.

Of course, Best can avoid this whole thing going to court – and I told him that – by just taking my name out of there. But the man is such a moron he just won’t listen to reason. I feel sorry for his son. When Sam gets to puberty, Best will find out the hard way that what he’s done has in fact hindered his son’s upbringing. And he’s not the only one. There’s a woman who’s name I don’t know who has a son named Jon. And I certainly didn’t appreciate the side swipe she gave my own folks and their experience with me! I called her a failure as a mother (probably harsh but sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind) and I stand by it. I can’t stand lazy thinking. It’s what holds back true understanding of ASD’s. Especially as it can not be cured.

I wouldn’t be surprised if these idiots have been getting in the ear of the former Disability Services Minister – hence her excuses to stop me from getting the financial help I need!

I have been active in doing as much countering as I can. The blog host – Blogger – is aware of what’s going on, but their terms of service prevent them from acting. That’s why I’m going after the court order because they have indicated they would co-operate with one. Blogger by the way are owned by Google. I have also been in touch with the US Health and Human Services Department – although being an Aussie will hinder any effort there. It also doesn’t help that I got the news this morning that the Combating Autism Act has made it into US Law. Not surprisingly Aspies for Freedom is going ballistic over it.

That brings me to another favourite phrase of Best’s – neuro diversity. He thinks that’s a bad thing. One might as well say racial diversity is a bad thing for crying out loud! How intolerant can you get? This fool wants normal defined – starting with his son. Great way to bring up a kid that is. This is the sort of thing that would just gladden the hearts of Al Queda members world wide, because it justifies their angst (not their actions of course).

John Best Junior is what the world hates about America. Arrogant, self centred, blind, deaf – and dangerous.

It’s about time the US got rid of it’s constitutional first amendment – such is the abuse it’s been the subject of!

The woman who’s son’s name was Jon is of course Susan Lord AKA Jonsmum. The County Court thing came to nothing of course as I had to take it to the Supreme Court as Blogspot/Google (who I was going to target with an order) were overseas – and at the time I baulked purely because I didn’t know as much then about defamation. This was in spite of the action against Tenana already in train – in the County Court.

So that’s where the ranting really began. I had already started fighting with Best of course – and I should point out that the bully who forced my name out was Lord, not Best. Lord will never be forgiven for that and she’s been quiet for a long time thankfully.


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