The Sixteenth Amendment

Best is back on Bitchute after a couple of computer breakdowns and he has new videos. A lot of the rhetoric is the same, including the video I am concentrating on here – titled “How to rewrite the Constitution”. Now he is ignoring the fact that rewrites have certain criteria to fulfil, preferring to think that the people can just tear it down and start again in effect. The only way to actually do that is to secede from the Union. but Best won’t say that because he is stupid.

He claims the American money is counterfeit – due to it being created by the Federal Reserve, an entity Best has always claimed is owned by the Rothschild family when it is a government authority. So all taxes are void – thereby voiding the sixteenth Amendment to the US Constitution.

Now I did some digging. The sixteenth Amendment was proposed after a Supreme Court ruling in the matter of Pollock v. Farmers’ Loan & Trust Co. This was in 1895 – 18 years before the Federal Reserve. What it did was that it prevented Congress from setting up a tax scheme that didn’t fund the states relative to it’s representation in the House of Representatives. This in effect was a disallowance of Washington DC to be able to fund it’s essential services in the same way the states could, restricted instead to tariffs that were nowhere near the mark.

But this is what Best in missing. He is totally ignoring the states. His own legislature in New Hampshire has certain powers that he is ignoring in trying to achieve what he wants. Does he really believe the states will co-operate with this? Of course not! He’s all about the people, when the people voted in their representatives in the democracy that Best totally opposes.

Congress saw the problem as a result of Pollock, and in it’s battle to control privately owned trusts that were hogging most of the money decided that the Constitution needed to be amended to allow for an income tax without interference from state interests as they stood. This was the right move, especially as it targeted said trusts that were hated by the people. Yes, Best, the people. This is how democracy works. It would not surprise me if the Rothschild family had something to do with those so they would have opposed this change!

The people who voted for the representatives in Congress approved the change. This included progressive Republicans. The numbers allowed for the two thirds required. That finally took place in 1909, with a number of Republicans deciding to support it in the belief that it wouldn’t go any further. Then it was up to the states. At this time there were 48 states so it needed 36 for the amendment to be included. And in 1913 they got them. In the end it was 42 with the last agreement coming from New Hampshire! Only Connecticut, Rhodes Island, Utah and Virginia said no and Florida and Pennsylvania didn’t even consider it. Of course Hawaii and Alaska came in much later. The US government were quick with the Revenue Act of 1913 that reduced unpopular tariffs as well as introducing the income tax they needed to function.

This is what Best denies. The need for revenue to function. Best is against government. He wants total freedom. He wants anarchy. He wants no control. He wants a free for all for individuals which will lead to the strong oppressing the weak – recreating the very situation that led to the War of Independence in the 18th century, and that also led to the creation of the trusts that took money from the people. The sixteenth Amendment provides equality – equality that Best opposes.

Best is a servant. He denies this, but he is. He is a part of the Rockingham County community. He is a servant of that community because the people vote for those who makes the rules. Best doesn’t vote, so he is a servant of those who do. Those people voted for the sixteenth Amendment. The people.

One more thing, Best. The First Amendment only applies to government. Private companies are not subject to it. That includes Facebook and Twitter. They can set their own rules and if you don’t follow them you get thrown off. I set the rules for my forum. I have that power. You set the rules of your Bitchute channel. You have that power and you do the same thing to others (like me and other members of my forum) as Facebook and Twitter does to you. Totally inconsistent and Best in a nutshell. Best has freedom of speech. He uses it on Bitchute. I use it here. You are brainwashed, Best – brainwashed by your own bullshit that you believe because you don’t understand how things work and you never ever will.


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