More of the same – and the supporters

While I was in Portarlington I got an email from one of my Facebook friends who is running the Truth about John Best page – and included was a text file of comments made on Best’s page (I can’t see it myself now without logging in). Here they are with my comments, starting with Best’s original;

Our government is the enemy. WE have all the power. 300 million of us versus a small number of lying scumbags who we were stupid enough to vote for. If we unite against them instead of voting for them, we will solve every problem in the country in about a week.

No you won’t. You’ll just create more problems because if by some miracle all the seats change to independent you’ll have anarchy that doesn’t recognise the individual identities of each state. And those who are attacked (the banks) will take the new government to the Supreme Court and bankrupt the country in a heartbeat.

There were a number of comments but I want to concentrate on this set, starting with a sheep called Tamee Cottrill Huffman;

The bankers that OWN the government, and tells them what to do also OWN ALL the T.V. stations. They would never allow anyone to spread a message of hope to overthrow what they’ve worked years to create!!

They do not! As Anthony Lupson pointed out back in early 2013 – the main three TV networks and CNN are privately owned; ABC is owned by the Walt Disney Company, CBS is owned by the CBS Corporation, the current name for Viacom, NBC is owned by NBC Universal, a joint venture by Comcast and General Electric and CNN is owned by Time Warner. Not the banks.

Yuh, that’s why we need cops to grasp the truth so they’ll know it’s right for them to seize it.

It’s not. It’s treason and they know it. Best never was too bright on that point.

My God, how will we tell them? How do we get it out? And will they believe us over their government?

No they won’t, not because they believe the government but because they know a treacherous act when they see one!

The other supporter that came in at this point is someone calling themselves Xiola Moon (got to be a fake name!);

We, the once sovereign people, are actually in charge of the government, and can appoint a new one if ours becomes corrupt , which it has. It says so right in the Declaration of Independence. We need to remind the people of their power.

And they already have that power – at the ballot box. Or in the courts. There is no other way. The reality is that not enough people chose to vote. They don’t care.

Everyone who asserts the attitude that We the People own the place helps sway public opinion. People need to start issuing public orders to Congress instead of asking them to do things. If large groups will try that sort of thing, it will help.

Issuing public orders is not on. It will be ignored. There are processes to follow. If a large group does it, they will be labeled rightly as traitors and the leaders will end up in prison for treason. In a free country, the power lies at the ballot box.

Vote with our dollars and stop funding their terror porn. Go to the old ways, the good ways, self sustainable.

Terror porn? What on earth is this twit talking about? America is already self sustainable. It just needs to get a socialist leaning to it’s capitalist attitude and that will solve more problems than this rhetoric ever will.

Just don’t choose between (D) and (R). It’s always a waste of our votes. Vote against them. Write ins.

Write ins are useless without massive back up across all 50 states. You have to register and be on the ballot paper, and you have to get out there and campaign. And be constructive and not destructive. That’s Best’s problem – he’s destructive.

I agree with that. Republicans and Democrats should be out. They’re both owned anyway.

Owned by who, Tamee? Oh that’s right – you don’t know! Or as your namesake would say; “Tell me she didn’t just say that!” (Booker T’s real name is Booker Huffman).

I shouldn’t really be surprised by the quality of Best’s supporters. Chances are they have been on the receiving end of a bad experience that they have reacted incorrectly to. Just like Best. Victims of bad experience who don’t review it right generally believe conspiracy BS. There’s nothing worse than a panic stricken under educated fool trying to balance a see saw made of balsa wood with an anvil!


The May pitch for Governor

Best doesn’t change. He can’t change, because he’s Autistic and doesn’t know it. Here’s what he has said in May so far on his Facebook page (which I can see without logging in) for New Hampshire governor in 2016.

We have about 125 million people in this country with the IQs of a turnip. These are the rank imbeciles who vote for democrats and republicans. There’s probably no way to make these idiots more intelligent so these damn fools will keep electing criminals to destroy our country. There are lots of honest people capable of undoing the damage that democrats and republicans have done to us but we just don’t have any voters who are smart enough to elect them.

The reality is, Best, they know that there is no one else. Just the major parties. You are the one behaving as though you have the IQ of a turnip, because you’re too stupid to see that and realise that to compete you have to get out there off the Internet and put your case. Of course you won’t because firstly you don’t have the guts and secondly your sub conscious is telling you you’ll be laughed off the hustings as all idiots are.

OK, so we have 125 million retards who elect democrats and republicans. That means we have about 200 million people in the USA who aren’t retards and could unite to get rid of the democrats and republicans. All we have to do is talk to each other and arrange to unite those 200 million of us who know that democrats and republicans are all bribed, lying scumbags. Then, we will be able to remove all of them from office and have our freedom back.

Those 200 million will not vote for anyone, Best. They aren’t interested in anyone in politics. They don’t care. Not about you or anyone else.

The simplest thing in the world should be for every person in the USA to stand up to our politicians, tell them all to go [beep!] themselves and remove them from office. But, when you bring this solution up, the whole country is too damn scared to say anything at all.

That’s because that’s not a solution.

We need a revolution in this country right now. We don’t have to shoot anyone. All we have to do is assert ourselves, remove our 100% corrupt politicians and let honest people manage things. That means the naïve voters have to stop trusting the criminals from the democrats and republicans. All of these politicians are either criminally corrupt or criminally stupid. It’s time to fire all of them.

You can’t fire them, Best. You have to beat them in an election. That’s how democracy works. If you don’t like the democratic process, the USA is not for you.

If Congress issues our money like they’re required to do by the Constitution, our $18 trillion debt vanishes in an instant. This is why you should learn the truth about the Federal Reserve. It has been illegal since it was founded in 1913 and every cent of interest you have paid to banks since then has been part of the most massive robbery in the history of Earth. Congress won’t mention this because Congress is 100% corrupt.

Congress won’t mention it because it’s 100 percent BS. Debt to other countries doesn’t disappear just by coining new money. Best knows nothing about economics. Interest to banks is the penalty you pay for borrowing from them. So don’t borrow. That’s the only way you can avoid a debt to a bank.

A FREE NATION: If we were truly free, our money would be created free for our use since it all belongs to us, collectively, and it makes no sense to charge ourselves interest on our own money. BUT, we have a FED who lends us our money at interest through their banks. This causes us to have mortgages and student loans that cost us about three times more than just paying the principal. If we stopped charging ourselves interest on our own money, we could pay our mortgages in ten years instead of thirty years. So, we should ask ourselves why we are stupid enough to allow banks to exist to rob us with this interest when we have no law that says we have to put up with this theft of all of us. The government is supposed to work for us to ensure our happiness. They could create our money again like they used to do before the FED was created in 1913 and loan us money at zero interest, reducing inflation and making our lives a lot easier. If we, as a nation, don’t like being robbed by banks, we should fire our government for allowing this crime of robbery by the FED to exist since 1913. So, let’s talk to each other about this.

Yet again, Best shows that he doesn’t understand economics. You’re not borrowing your own money from banks, Best. You’re borrowing the bank’s! And the Federal Reserve has nothing to do with that part of banking business! Banks have to make money to pay their employees and that means interest!

If 50 million Americans pay mortgages on $200,000 for 30 years, the banks steal about $32 trillion from them. This is not just business as usual. It’s theft of all of us arranged by Congress. This is not freedom.

Yes it is. It’s the penalty for the money you get on loan for mortgaging your home. You have to pay it back. It’s perfectly legal business – and I can’t wait to get the 2013 decision registered against Best, because that debt is going to kill his mortgage that I’m sure he has on his home. His bank will foreclose on him for sure, and it’ll be no one’s fault but his for not getting how economics really work.

No idea! He’ll never be Governor of New Hampshire. Especially as he won’t formally register.

Newsweek Rubbish

When Newsweek published their Jonathan Mitchell article I wasn’t the slightest bit surprised to see Best get involved. Here’s how it all went down.

Best first commented on February 18 with this typical lie;

Temple Grandin isn’t autistic. She might have Asperger’s or she might just be a screwball.

Temple is Autistic. Asperger’s is Autism, Best, like it or not. Three people jumped on that point rapidly – Dana Kellison, Kaylee Smeaton and Judy Gehrig· Best has blocked Artie Christou, but Artie saw the three replies and pointed out to everyone else that Best was nuts and didn’t believe a certain court decision even existed!

Earlier in the day Best published this load of tripe;

The liars who criticize Mr Mitchell are not autistic. Some of them have Asperger’s and some of them are just deranged. Newsweek abets their deception by publishing their propaganda.

Notice that he avoided actually naming me (remember that I was quoted in the article). Kaylee jumped on him again reminding him of the Spectrum as a whole, but Best then pressed his definition of Autism thus;

Here’s the definition of “Autism”: Autism is mercury induced brain damage that causes the victim to smear feces, bash their heads through walls and into cement, scream in excruciating pain for hours each day and go through life without ever learning how to speak, read, write, use a toilet, communicate in any appreciable manner or get laid. Autism sucks. There is nothing good about it.
Autism is a specific category on the autism spectrum reserved for the lowest functioning cases. There is only one level of autism.

I don’t need to comment because William Lane shot back brilliantly pointing Best to the DSM-V – although I wasn’t impressed with William stating that the Autism and Asperger’s DX’s shouldn’t have been merged. Sorry, William, but yes they should have. All Best could come back with was;

I’ve lived with autism for 18 years. My definition is based on fact not bullshit.

It’s not based in fact and we all know it, and William trumped him stating he’d living with Autism for 21 years. He also pointed out that the DSM-V definition is cited by almost everyone in the Autism community. Best ignored that thus;

“On the spectrum” tells us that you don’t have autism. I speak the truth. You and those blogs obstruct the truth.

You don’t speak the truth, Best. You never have. The court decision against you proves that. You are trying to obstruct the truth and I’ve been working to remove that obstruction since 2006.

Some other people came on and gave Best their own version of an earful. Jadea Faith bunked the mercury poisoning idea. Sandra Givens showed that it was possible to recover but still be Autistic. Morénike Onaiwu repeated the point about the DSM-V and added the wider interpretation of the DSM-IV. Kaylee tried to talk some sense to Best in the only person to come back. Best’s response?

One can’t argue with liars. One can only point out their deception. Some people present lies because they’re stupid enough to believe liars who are in alleged positions of “authority”. These people are so trapped in illusion that they don’t even know that THEY are the true authorities as owners of the USA and they have the power to imprison the liars. Rule followers and “educated” people are good sources for liars to use to transmit deception. People who ask questions see through the lies but rule followers obey the lies.

This is the rhetoric of a conspiracy theorist. A really bad one. Doesn’t believe anyone but himself. Everyone else is a liar because we don’t listen to him.

I then noticed someone promoting that stupid bleach treatment. There have been no positive results. At all. It’s a killer.

Best even ignored that with this comment;

The only way to cure autism is by using Alpha Lipoic Acid to remove mercury from the brain. Sometimes, the brain is too damaged by mercury to gain complete recovery. But, that’s another topic. This topic is about liars, lots of liars.

And you are the biggest, Best. Along with Mitchell and those on the Newsweek comments areas who are demanding a cure. ALA worked for Sam because Sam’s gut was heavy metal poisoned, and it removed a blatant sensory overload. Shanti Roy claimed to know why Sam was screaming (has he read my website?) and he called Best a troll. That got this in reply.

Since my son can’t talk, he could never tell us what sort of pain he was suffering. It could have been his bowels from constipation or it could have been the mercury eating his brain. The good thing is that removing the mercury solved that pain for him.

There’s no proof that the heavy metal poisoning was mercury. If the mercury was eating his brain, Sam would have died – remember that Best didn’t treat it for at least four years or at the most seven years.

That was when Artie brought in someone else temporarily to post under the Truth about John Best page. Artie passed this on and it’s right.

It has been established already that the poisoning was in the intestines. This is the truth. The anecdotal proof can be found on the Hating Autism blog itself.

It would have been better to give the exact date of the entries. Best didn’t post on that thread again.

Back to February 19, Best posted the following original comment;

For the liars here who obfuscate the truth by referring to “Asperger’s” as “autism”, I want to present the truth. I have an autistic son and a son with Asperger’s. My son with Asperger’s would beat me senseless if I called him autistic and I would deserve it. He sees autism every day of his life and fully understands the horror of it. He knows there is nothing about autism that has any similarity to the Asperger’s that makes his own life challenging.
It doesn’t matter that the Medical profession also lies about autism by including the rest of the spectrum in one definition. As with everything else related to autism, the Medical profession is lying. They caused every case of autism by shooting mercury into babies. Then they caused many cases of “Asperger’s” in dishonest adults who decided to catch “Asperger’s” so they could earn paychecks by lying about autism.
My son with Asperger’s hates the autism that his brother suffers. So do I.

I’ve said this before – there is no older son. Sam is the oldest and there are only two kids. This is all made up. Kaylee was onto him again demonstrating some genetic evidence – and copped this in reply;

You’re a liar. There is no such thing as genetic autism. There are liars all over the internet presenting false information about autism. When we seize control of our government from the bribed liars who manage it now, you and your ilk will be arrested for fraud.

Autism is genetic. Fact. Best is the liar and he in fact should be arrested for fraud if it was fraud to lie to such a deluded level. Kaylee knew she was being insulted and presented more genetic evidence. She then realised it would all fall on deaf eyes (or blind eyes to be strictly accurate) and told him to just stop the insults. That was never going to work;

Autism is mercury poisoning. Genetic abnormalities are genetic abnormalities. It’s not my fault that a dishonest Medical Industry tries to lump genetic disorders under “autism” to help them distract the public from the truth about mercury poisoning. Your acceptance of this disingenuous diagnostic nonsense and your perpetuating false notions about the true horror of autism obfuscates the abyss that autistic people are trapped in. Their lives are absolute horror. Yours isn’t. Being cruel to severely damaged people by misrepresenting the horror they suffer is inhuman. Is that what you are? Are you inhuman by design or have you been tricked into acting like a complete fool?

You’re inhuman, Best, judging by the way you treated Sam! The rest of that has already been addressed, and Kaylee had one more try denying the accusation of being inhuman. I didn’t like the comment that if someone wants to be cured they should be (Artie Christou and I are as one on that one – a cure will be forced on everyone on the Spectrum), but the rest was right. Best simply went the fraud route with this;

Just keep lying, earn your paycheck. Honest people don’t thrive on this planet anyhow.

And in came Artie’s friend again with this;

John Best is not thriving because HE is the liar. He doesn’t understand Autism and never will. The Wild Boy of Aveyron was Autistic. Not a mercury mine, silver mine or gold mine anywhere near him. Autistic – not mentally retarded.

Best shot back with this rubbish;

The Wild Boy of Aveyron was kicked in the head by a horse. This made him almost as stupid and crazy as a severely deranged mental case named Phil Gluyas who was quoted by Newsweek here.

My guess is that Best thought this was me (and I couldn’t have posted it not just because I wasn’t on Facebook, but even if I was even under the page name I still couldn’t have seen the comment – Artie was similarly blocked) so he aimed for a defensive retort. The “kicked in the head by a horse” idea has no proof. Artie’s friend was brilliant in reply and shut Best up with this;

Oh dear you really do need to check yourself in to the Greater Nashua Mental Health Center as quickly as possible for treatment.

At that point I’ll bet Best realised it wasn’t me. And he didn’t return to the article.

Best on Manuel Casanova’s blog

Typical Best! He saw Mitchell’s entry that I’ve already commented on, and he roared in with this crock of crap;

Neuroinsanity was invented by the CIA as deception. Before these liars infested the internet, nobody had to use terms like “severely autistic”. “Autistic” was good enough. The meaning hadn’t been perverted by these liars who allegedly had Asperger’s Syndrome and called themselves “autistic” to destroy the meaning of the word. Their propaganda worked. Now, a majority of the public has no problem with misusing the word “autism” which is specifically reserved for those on the lowest rung of the autism spectrum. Everyone associated with Neuroinsanity belongs in prison for fraud.

So the DSM-V is a fraud, Best? Autism is NOT reserved for the lower end! Heck it didn’t actually enter the Autistic category until the DSM-IV!! Before that, Sam would have been diagnosed as mentally retarded! FACT!! The version of Autism that we knew as Kanner’s Syndrome was in fact the version that Jonathan Mitchell has.

I’ve notified Manuel on Twitter that he needs to get Best out of there. Cresp posted just below him and I’ve nailed him as well.

Ridiculous Promises

Best has yet another blog, and it’s about time I addressed it here. It’s called “Fire Congress” and there are six entries on it at present. The basis of it all is that stupid assertion about the Rothschild family.

I want to focus on a comment Best made on the second to latest entry first;

When I stand in the street and yell: “Hey all you politicians, lawyers and bankers, You’re all fired.”, someone is going to throw a net over me and drag me off to the looney bin. When I write the idea on paper, I’m still going to be written off as a lunatic. People believe they have to follow rules and we’re afraid to stand up by ourselves and fire all of the people who make the rules.

The people can’t fire anyone, Best. You can stand up for yourself by presenting a case of treason against every politician, lawyer and banker to the courts. The trouble is you don’t have a case against any of them. All your rhetoric is based in a paranoid view based in your own debt issues that I am certain exist. I’ll take the greatest of pleasure adding to that believe me!

Now let’s go to his latest entry, titled “Cancel Student Loans, Free Tuition for All”. Now on the face of it, this is simply a copy of ALP policy here in Australia – but look beneath the surface;

This is a simple solution to a simple problem. You don’t know it’s a simple problem because you’ve been lied to and taught that the problem is a lot more complicated than it really is. When you take a loan from this government, they borrow money from the Federal Reserve. The Fed creates the money and loans it to you with the government acting as a middle man so they make money off of the interest you pay. This is illegal.

This is not true. The Federal Reserve does not loan any money. It only prints it as required and controls core interest rates as well as advise the government on relevant parts of economic policy. Well, that’s what our Reserve Bank does anyway and I see no reason why it would be any different. Loans from the government come from government revenue. If that revenue isn’t there the government borrows from a regular bank. How is that illegal? It’s how any business works when they need money.

The Fed is a private bank that can’t exist and can not create money. It says so in Article 1, section 8 of the Constitution where it states that Congress shall have the power to coin money. It doesn’t state anywhere in the Constitution that Congress can give away or take bribes to sell this authority to anyone. So, that means that everything the fed has done since 1913 was illegal. All of that money that was “loaned” by the FED is counterfeit and nobody has to pay any of it back to the banks or the government for “loaning” it to us.

It’s not a private bank. It’s owned by the government. If there have been any legit bribes, Best should report them. But he won’t because he won’t stand up for himself, contrary to his earlier quoted claim.

Now, the problem. We have 535 corrupt members of Congress, 9 corrupt lawyers on the Supreme Court. a corrupt Prez and Vice-Prez and countless corrupt judges who try to force all of us to pay off these counterfeit debts with counterfeit Federal Reserve Notes.

Prove that they are corrupt, Best. This is a question that has never been answered.

The Solution. You, as a member of We the People own the USA. So, all you, I and everyone else in the USA has to do is fire the corrupt politicians and judges. We do that simply by uniting together to say so. “You’re fired”, stated in unison by millions of Americans will do the trick and WE can unite to do that by signing an updated copy of our Declaration of Independence. Those millions of signatures give our police and military an order to arrest all of our politicians and to seize the TV networks so we can tell the whole country the truth. This cancels all debt for all of us. We issue United States Notes, everyone starts fresh and nobody loses anything except the banks and the corrupt politicians, judges and lawyers who are all accomplices of the banksters.

Everyone loses, because this course of action will turn America into an economic basket case. The dollar value will plummet, leading to a total cessation of exports and imports will become unaffordable. Banks will sue the government and win and bankrupt the new America.

Besides, you can’t just fire Congress! In order to secede from the Union (the only way a new Declaration of Independence will work) you need the equivalent of three quarters of the country behind it. I base that on Constitutional changes needing three quarters of the states to effect changes. That means Best needs about 240 million signatures! Not just a few million as this quote insinuates. Guess how many Americans voted at the mid terms earlier this month? 36.4 percent or 116 million! Actually less than that because not everyone is eligible to vote!!

Fact – the majority of Americans DON’T CARE, Best!

Do you “get it”? It’s so simple it can’t be true, right? Wrong, it IS true. All that has to happen is for people to share this and talk about it in as many places as possible so that the whole country sees how easy it is to get rid of our corrupt officials. Ask questions, unite and we will fix our country, for free. Cancel all of the bogus debt the banksters and Congress have foisted upon us. The debt isn’t real. It’s an illusion and you have to see through it to stop this crime.

The debt is real, and if you don’t service it you will be sued – and lose.

Is Best guilty of treason?

It appears as though Best has rejigged his “Second Declaration of Independence” on the IPetitions website, and I’ve just about had enough of this lunatic!

Today I sent an email through the website to IPetitions, claiming that Best was violating their Terms of Service in that the “petition” was and is unlawful. I stated my belief that it’s treason.

Here’s my reasoning. Treason is the only violation of law that is included in the US Constitution – it’s Article 3. In it the article identifies treason as the act of aiding and giving comfort to the enemy. Whilst it mentions war, really it could be applied at any other time. Now think about this – when the original Declaration was written the chief enemy was England. If that same Declaration is usurped, England would be aided by getting what was then their land back!

However this is the reality. In order for a second Declaration of Independence to hold, it must have the support of the constitutionally elected Congress in Washington DC, and all 50 states. As long as it doesn’t have that, the original holds. The only other way to change things is to get elected yourself and control both houses of Congress and all 50 states!

I doubt my claim would go as far as actually being acted upon, but I hope it’s enough to get the stupid waste of time and bandwidth deleted. I do know this though – it’s further proof that Best is crazy as a pet coon! (TM Jim Ross!)

More Facebook lunacy

I meant to do this entry before I headed for Adelaide but the preparation for Version 10 of Phil’s World delayed it.

On the HARB I took note of Best’s comments on the Voices for Vaccines page on Facebook. Here are my responses;

*I think we should put people in prison for fraud when they promote false claims about vaccines and fail to mention the fact that mercury is the cause of the neurological problems.

You are the fraud, Best. Mercury is not the cause of neurological problems to the level they are at today.

*The mercury in flu shots to pregnant women gives the fetus 200 times the alleged “safe” dose. Autism is cured by chelating mercury out of the brain which proves beyond any doubt that the mercury caused the brain damage. 
Nobody beats the government in one of their own courts. The govt is 100% corrupt.

This is a lie, based on the figures of pure mercury and not ethyl mercury. Autism can not be cured by chelation.

*People who argue in favor harming babies are child abusers.

Best argues in favour of harming babies by scaremongering over vaccine safety and over Autism.

*The mercury in the vaccines damages their brains. Whether vaccines prevent diseases or not is irrelevant. Would any sane person shoot mercury into someone? Can vaccines be made without any mercury simply by producing them in single dose vials?

Again, Best is intentionally mixing pure mercury up with ethyl mercury. Ethyl mercury is a safe adjuvant at the level it is in thiomersal. It’s removal is merely a reaction to panic in order to make sure vaccinations don’t drop.

*The reason they left mercury in the flu shot was to cause more autism by damaging the babies’ brains before they were born. That way, lying doctors could convince parents that autism was genetic and parents might believe them because they wouldn’t see normal babies regress like I did. That was a good plan, don’t you think?

Best never saw Sam regress. He made that up. There is no mercury in the flu shot, and there is only ethyl mercury in some flu shots. This is the case for those that need to be preserved.

*I don’t know who “they” is. It’s a secret. Nobody knows who ordered the “hit” on JFK either or who made the original 13th amendment disappear. I told you why they want to make more kids autistic. Do you need remedial reading? They hired David Kirby and Dan Olmsted to try to cover it up.

This is nuts. Whilst there may be some unanswered questions about JFK it’s not a clear cut conspiracy at all. At worst, someone committed the perfect crime and to protect public order it was covered up. The original 13th amendment can still be ratified if 25 more states agree bringing the numbers to the required 38.

*No, I didn’t say it was a secret society. I said it was a secret. Do you know the difference? Kirby and Olmsted have to be paid to lie. Nobody lies that without being paid, just like members of Congress. Don’t you think Rep Issa would ban thimerosal from vaccines if he wasn’t being bribed to help cover this up? Most people aren’t that evil that they poison babies for fun.

Idiot! Kirby and Olmsted gained their money from book sales for “telling the truth” (speaking for Best that is). Best thinks they are being paid now to change their minds, and actually they haven’t. They’ve just softened their rhetoric. There is no need to ban a product that has been wound back to the point of non existence.

*Yup, the best way to control the opposition is to lead it yourself. That’s why Kirby, Olmsted and others were sent to lead the “anti-vaccine wackos”. They had the power of the media to help them do it, same as Pharma.

You can have that same power if you want it, Best. You just don’t have the courage to do it!

*VfV, Didn’t they teach you this in your propaganda classes? That’s how it works, just like democrats and republicans bashing each other while bankers rob everyone. When you bash each other about vaccines and nobody mentions mercury, Pharma wins on both sides.

No one mentions mercury, dummy, because it’s NOT INVOLVED! And a point – bankers are doing business. There are issues and the Republicans won’t allow them to be resolved. The Democrats want to resolve it, but they can’t as long as those dopey Republicans insist on freedoms that are wrecking the US economy.

*Melody, You have to do lots of reading to acquire this knowledge. Then, all you have to do is think for yourself without allowing propaganda wizards to lead you astray.

Best is a propaganda wizard. And a bad one because we can all see through it!

*There was a group that called themselves Neurodiversity and they had a propaganda class listed in Wikipedia but I don’t think they’re around now. I think their leader was transferred to write propaganda about Syria. However, a group called ASAN does a pretty good job of teaching people how to write outrageous lies and Congress lets them help make everyone associated with autism look like fools by letting them testify at hearings. They might send you to Israel for training.

That’s anti-semitism at it’s finest right there. There is no such group called “Neurodiversity”. We are Autistic Activists. ND is not a poltical movement. It’s the reality of the brain.

*As long as you’re not opposed to anti-zionism, that sounds like a good idea. And, you understand that being anti-ASAN is not the same as being anti progress for actual autistic people who need to be cured.

Autistic people need to be helped, not cured because that is impossible. Best is anti-progress and again we all know it.

*Autistic people can’t speak, read or write. People with Asperger’s can do that but they aren’t autistic. We know that all autistic people and those with Asperger’s do want to be cured. None of the ones who have already been cured have ever asked to have mercury reinjected into their brains to make them disabled again. This proves that we have to leave those decisions up to guardians instead of allowing mentally disabled people to make foolish decisions for themselves.

Under the DSM-V we are all Autistic, Best. Aspies are Autistic. Autistic people CAN speak, read and write (what about Droopy, idiot?) and NO ONE has been cured. Fact. You need a guardian, Best, because you are mentally disabled and making foolish decisions for yourself AND your son!

*Dorit, Babies do not develop a blood brain barrier until they’re about a month old. This means that any mercury that goes into them passes through the brain and kills brain cells while it’s in there. This is not only hazardous to the baby but it’s hazardous to the rest of us as well. This loss in IQ points can make these people stupid enough to vote for democrats and republicans.

IIRC someone corrected Best on the blood brain barrier, and besides that ethyl mercury doesn’t do that damage. Pure mercury would, but like I said it’s a non issue. And incidentally, Best, the majority of Americans DON’T VOTE AT ALL!

The man is a fruitcake and I wish my contact would get on with it and start the process of getting the decision against Best recognised in the US so I can get my pound of flesh!

Another blast from the past

Here’s a really good conversation amongst Phil’s World members from the old C Forum from mid to late April 2009. The colour coding is as follows – Cube Demon in maroon, myself in royal blue, Scratcher in dark blue, Tex in red, Mr.Fix-It in purple, Twinkles in magenta and Eagle Eye in green.

My own father thinks John Best Jr. is off of his rocker and I need to be extremely careful with this guy which I am doing. The man is not getting my name. 

I think I shut him down on that. I think I shut informer up with all of my recent blog entries because it’s honesty in it’s purest form. 

If Best was a much more honorable man he would get my name in full and we would get this challenge up and rolling. 

As Tex says, he is a sidewinder and will use dishonorable methods to bring me down.

Your father is right. I’m glad I sent him those links. I haven’t been on your blog this morning yet but if I know Best he won’t be shut down. He hates that. And he can’t stand numbers either and that’s why he defaults to the sock puppet BS – just to make himself feel better.

I told him about the response blog, Phil. Didn’t link it though.

Neither did Sync, Craig. And neither did I because I want them to find it by themselves.

I’m getting damn sick of this “abusing Autistic women” trash when he does it all the time.

You should have mentioned the obvious one, Tex. Amanda Baggs. I did.

I wouldn’t have done that, Craig – but it’s done. Anyway, you could also have mentioned a few others, like Autism Diva for instance.

I just told him what he can do with the sock!

He is also sexually harrassing Kassiane. Don’t forget that. Oh yeah and don’t forget he sexually harrassed Alyric when Best said he would not get a hummer from Alyric.

Informer backed Best up on Kassiane and added Kristina Chew to the mix!! I told both of them they were missing female companionship.

But I didn’t know about Alyric! I must have missed that one.

I challenged Best on his derogatory talk towards Alyric and this is what he said:

“Cube Demon,
I was only kidding about not letting Alyric give me a hummer…as long as she’s not too ugly, that is. After all, I wouldn’t have to listen to her while she had her mouth full.

Women have to earn respect, kid.”

This is what I said back to him: Actually, the same thing applies to you as well. You have to earn respect too.

Alyric deleted all of those things that best said on her blog because she banned him from commenting and said he was scum and a man-made pollutant. She cannot stand the guy at all and you know what I cannot stand Best myself.

He will be punished eventually. Justice will strike him down.

Well there has been another victory.

Best is gone from the Autism Speaks Social Network!

24 hours later;

He didn’t take it very well though!

Oh good heavens, Philip! That’s a crime isn’t it?

That’s what I thought!!

And it got worse, people. I’ll talk about it once Cube Demon acts.

24 hours later;

Okay, here are the details;

That was careless of the FBI!! Phil if they don’t reply I’d be making enquiries to the Consulate in Canberra.

I’ll give them until next week, Tex, then yes – I agree.

That bastard!

Mind you, Phil, it gives him no excuse not to sue you if he wants to now.

True, Andy.

He’s just being a jackass on Cube Demon’s blog now. His usefulness there is over.

You should see the latest entry on his blog, Tex! We can talk about it on my response blog. You know where it is.

For the love of…..doesn’t the dip know when to quit?

No he doesn’t, Craig. Notice on Cube Demon’s blog that he is now claiming that only Autistics get sensory overloads and the reason why? Blithering idiot!!

The links to my old website are out of date now of course, but they are on this very blog under the entries “Best banned from the Social Network”, “How childish can you get?” and “Hit me with your “best” shot”. I never did follow up on the FBI enquiry because there was too much doubt over what actually happened. I needed concrete evidence. Cube Demon’s blog is long gone of course, Mr Fix-it’s comment about justice came to fruition on January 24 this year.

Dear President Putin

While checking the feeds on the blogs I have on them, I came across the latest entry on Best’s Autism Fraud blog. In it he publishes a letter that he sent to Russian President Vladimir Putin and provides a link where you can send Putin a letter yourself. Upon reading what Best had said in the letter, I wasted no time sending a counter to that trash as follows;

Dear President Putin,

It has been brought to my attention that you have recently received a message from Mr John Best of the United States regarding your help with an issue that he claims exists with vaccines in the United States given that he believes his own government to be corrupt and so forth. I can assure you that all of his claims are false. Thimerosal has been removed from vaccines in the US as they have been in Russia, with the single exception of Influenza vaccines – and even then there is a thimerosal free version available. I can also assure you that his claims that his son was born “normal” is not true and in fact he neglected his son for some time by refusing to treat him for a heavy metal issue in his son’s intestines. This is the real reason he has been battling with some success with chelation.

Vaccines are not the weapon of mass destruction that Mr Best claims. He is recognised as a mad man by many in his own community, and I myself have sued him successfully for defamation as this is what he does to people who dare to dispute his views. I am certain that you and your government in Moscow support vaccines as they stand, and I therefore ask that you either inform Mr Best that he is not telling the truth, or throw his email communication into the bin. Please advise of your preferred course of action by return email, and either way you will be doing the true understanding of the origins of Autism a big favour.

Thank you in advance.

Yours faithfully,

I am of course hopeful that Best’s email will be ignored, and to be honest I doubt I’ll get a reply advising of what action has been taken. But it does my heart good knowing that I have acted to shut this idiot off and make sure that even more people are aware of his lunacy, his lies and so on. That is after all why these two response blogs are here.

I’ll be interested to see what Anthony Lupson has to say about this as he seems to be replying to every entry from Autism Fraud, although the last one seemed to be a response to two entries at once. I guess.

The very first public rant

After the January 24 decision in the Supreme Court of Victoria, I figured I should refer back to my first public rant about Best off of his Hating Autism blog. Not the December 23, 2006 commentary on my old Telstra Big Blog that I reprinted on the front page of Best’s Autistic Enemy section, but rather a rant I put on the old Forumer forum on December 14 – 11 days earlier. I posted this just before I moved to Wiki-Site shifting from Version 6 to Version 7 of Phil’s World. Here is what I said;

I’m willing to bet the title of this news update will attract my wrestling enemies – but be disappointed you lot! This one’s got nothing to do with wrestling!

This is about an oxygen thief by the name of John Best Junior. He’s a father of a full blown Autistic boy – I believe his name is Sam. He lives in New Hampshire in the US, and has a blog called “Hating Autism”. In it he makes the appalling claim that Autism is caused by mercury poisoning. I came across it thanks to someone on the Aspies for Freedom forum.

In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have bothered – but this guy needs shutting up! He is actually convinced he is curing his son of Autism by treating him for mercury poisoning! It’s been an established fact that Autism – and the other ASD’s including Aspergers – are genetic in origin! Now if he was to claim that mercury poisoning made Autism worse, then he just might have something. But no – he’s claiming a cure.

Anyway, to cut a long story short – after being bullied into linking my website as an identification, my full name was published on the blog. And guess who it attracted! Yep – AYLING! Or someone acting on his behalf. Either way he breached his intervention order and the local cop shop got a visit quick smart!

That pushed the on button to an emergency alert, because that wouldn’t have happened if my name hadn’t been put there. I told Best – with some attempted back up from Andy (thanks for trying mate!) – to remove my name, and he refused. Sitting alongside me at my computer table right now are a couple of forms I downloaded from the website of the County Court of Victoria, and I’m going to the registry today. Hopefully I’ve done this right – with a little help again from Andy on Tuesday. I’m two for four in court actions now (2 wins with Gladman and Ayling with the two losses with Australia Post and the Defence Department – I seem to have better luck with individuals than with companies) and this will make it three from five.

Of course, Best can avoid this whole thing going to court – and I told him that – by just taking my name out of there. But the man is such a moron he just won’t listen to reason. I feel sorry for his son. When Sam gets to puberty, Best will find out the hard way that what he’s done has in fact hindered his son’s upbringing. And he’s not the only one. There’s a woman who’s name I don’t know who has a son named Jon. And I certainly didn’t appreciate the side swipe she gave my own folks and their experience with me! I called her a failure as a mother (probably harsh but sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind) and I stand by it. I can’t stand lazy thinking. It’s what holds back true understanding of ASD’s. Especially as it can not be cured.

I wouldn’t be surprised if these idiots have been getting in the ear of the former Disability Services Minister – hence her excuses to stop me from getting the financial help I need!

I have been active in doing as much countering as I can. The blog host – Blogger – is aware of what’s going on, but their terms of service prevent them from acting. That’s why I’m going after the court order because they have indicated they would co-operate with one. Blogger by the way are owned by Google. I have also been in touch with the US Health and Human Services Department – although being an Aussie will hinder any effort there. It also doesn’t help that I got the news this morning that the Combating Autism Act has made it into US Law. Not surprisingly Aspies for Freedom is going ballistic over it.

That brings me to another favourite phrase of Best’s – neuro diversity. He thinks that’s a bad thing. One might as well say racial diversity is a bad thing for crying out loud! How intolerant can you get? This fool wants normal defined – starting with his son. Great way to bring up a kid that is. This is the sort of thing that would just gladden the hearts of Al Queda members world wide, because it justifies their angst (not their actions of course).

John Best Junior is what the world hates about America. Arrogant, self centred, blind, deaf – and dangerous.

It’s about time the US got rid of it’s constitutional first amendment – such is the abuse it’s been the subject of!

The woman who’s son’s name was Jon is of course Susan Lord AKA Jonsmum. The County Court thing came to nothing of course as I had to take it to the Supreme Court as Blogspot/Google (who I was going to target with an order) were overseas – and at the time I baulked purely because I didn’t know as much then about defamation. This was in spite of the action against Tenana already in train – in the County Court.

So that’s where the ranting really began. I had already started fighting with Best of course – and I should point out that the bully who forced my name out was Lord, not Best. Lord will never be forgiven for that and she’s been quiet for a long time thankfully.